Institutional grade on-chain DeFi data
for investment professionals

FLUIDEFI is a DeFi data layer infrastructure with 2+ billion data points
that enables investors to create DeFi investment products and systems.
Launch your DeFi investment products in days, not months.

Impermanent Loss VS. Holding (24H)
Insights on holding assets (traditional price-based trading strategy) versus using
those same assets to provide liquidity (generating a fee when other investors trade those assets).
Liquidity Pool Liquidity Fees Generated HODL Return Imp. Loss Period Return
DAI-SIMP $46,179.257 0.3327% -13.926% -1.329% 27.102%
PORK-WETH $928,375.585 0.8421% 5.648% -0.03711% 14.188%
WAT-WETH $1,005,936.466 0.941% 11.828% -0.3376% 12.436%
NEWSOM-WETH $27,673.686 0.4774% 11.791% -0.0161% 11.896%
AXL-USDC $899,779.157 0.1561% 9.902% -0.3992% 10.355%
FROG-WETH $430,830.349 0.18% 7.94% -0.08289% 8.018%
WETH-PEIPEI $198,776.14 0.1039% 7.94% -0.07814% 7.942%
DOGEVERSE-WETH $948,748.812 0.05159% 6.046% -0.06184% 7.63%
FAC-WETH $367,864.327 0.07421% 7.133% -0.05363% 7.134%
MKR-WETH $36,871,260.357 0.09234% 6.579% -0.0604% 7.099%
 Trending Pools (24H)
Trending liquidity pools
(Multiple protocols).
Pair Liquidity Period Return
TOSA-WETH 28,585.726 239.98%
PEW-WBNB 60,734.186 45.309%
$EWT-WETH 18,527.332 40.607%
PHRYGES-WETH 67,861.02 40.348%
ANDWU-WETH 213,740.255 38.828%
WETH-BOPPY 82,128.082 29.227%
TLBC-FIST 12,522.795 21.301%
Q*-WETH 472,557.055 19.764%
BIAO-WETH 935,145.571 17.895%
WETH-TVK 19,865.712 17.89%

Trusted by the best

FLUIDEFI Google Cloud Partner web3 defi data investment strategies
FLUIDEFI works with Deloitte in defi accounting tax
FLUIDEFI works with KPMG defi accounting tax risk auditing
FLUIDEFI working with EY defi accounting tax risk auditing
FLUIDEFI supported by Canada Trade Commissioner defi accounting tax risk auditing
FLUIDEFI supported by the Quebec government for defi ai artificial intelligence

Build your own DeFi investment products & systems with 100% accurate and reliable DeFi data.

The majority of DeFi data providers lack accuracy, reliability, and compliance. FLUIDEFI's quantum-safe, bank-grade, non-custodial, patent-pending technology provides 100% accurate on-chain DeFi data with up to 105 decimal places of precision.

defi on-chain modeling portfolio management

Simulate DeFi investment strategies using curated on-chain data & robust APIs.

Using FLUIDEFI's simulation environment, curated data, and robust APIs, investors are able to backtest DeFi investment strategies using metrics computed from on-chain transaction data and gain a greater edge. FLUIDEFI calculates 75+ unique DeFi data points and measures against volume as well as price.

Simulate defi on-chain investment strategies

Simplified auditable accounting & tax reporting for DeFi on-chain data.

Simply add wallet addresses (no keys required) to see detailed reports of profit, loss, fees earned, and more, as of any date. Transaction level-granularity with traceability back to the blockchain allows auditors to verify every accounting entry.

defi on-chain accounting tax auditing

Upgrade your edge with accurate DeFi data 

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